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Monday, 11:16 a.m. - First “I don’t know why I thought that would work” of the week.

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The muscles you use when jogging are not the same ones you use when doing jumping jacks, is what my calves have been screaming at me all day.

Thought I was so smart to save money by jumping around in my house during monsoon season instead of joining a gym, and for that I’ve been hobbling around all day like I pooped myself.

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names are very important because words are spells. some people say your name in a way that makes you feel like you are being shaped by the way their tongue moves, like you are being hugged and loved and coddled. other people make your name feel like a graveyard. do not trust ghostmakers. don’t let people mangle your bones

I like the idea, but what does it mean if my family calls me ‘spud?’

The important thing is how we say it, obvs. *tugs collar*

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One thing I really like about reading academic writing is - because of the citations - getting to see all the last names people have.  Today’s favorites:





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Am I sitting in a corner that is somehow catching all the sound or is everyone in this cafe shouting?

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Today at a conference I shushed an older man on questionable grounds, which was uncomfortable enough - and then I found out he is a former minister. That’s right, my pink-plastic-shoe-wearing ass told someone who used to advise the president of South Korea to stop turning the pages of his…

Oof, that’s rough.  Gotta love those moments. 

Clearly, the only choice left now is to own it. He’d better get damn comfortable with criticism, because his turning-pages-too-loudly old ass is in for a WORLD OF HURT, COURTESY OF YOU.

I thought you meant just to be proud of it (which is also the conclusion that I’ve come to) but are you also suggesting that I follow him around and make sure he doesn’t do it again??